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Emo Dyke Night is just like it sounds, a party for emo dykes and queers to rage to all your favorite emo and pop punk jams. Founded as a sister brand to GLITTER The Party, you can expect themed events, gogo/burlesque performers, amazing DJs and so much more! The party will travel to different bars around Brooklyn, NYC to celebrate the amazing bar scene in the area. Come dance, jump, make out and scream to all your favorite songs with your fellow queers!

This event was founded by queers for queers. Please respect the intention of the space. GLITTER'S Consent and Safer Space Policies will also be in place at EDN events.

DJ ILY-03.png

Music enthusiast, DJ ILY hails out of Brooklyn, NY. DJ ILY always keeps her ear to the ground on what  music  is  trending,  along

with all of your favorites ranging from Hip Hop to Emo. Growing up as a queer emo kid, DJ ILY found her community in emo spaces where she could name and embrace her experiences. In partnering with GLITTER the party, DJ ILY is able to contribute her passion for emo music while also committing to building safer spaces for dyke emos and BIPOC sapphics alike.


Consent at all EDN events is MANDATORY! Inappropriate touching, groping, or inappropriate comments will not be tolerated at EDN events. EDN has a zero-tolerance policy for violence, racism, sexism, ableism, fatphobia, zionism, white supremacy, transphobia, xenophobia, non-consensual advances, and/or any other discriminatory language or actions. Please do not stare at anyone, or set the intention to make anyone uncomfortable. NO means NO, and a YES should be enthusiastic! 

If you see something you think is inappropriate or if you are uncomfortable yourself, please let one of the SSMs know. They are volunteer peers here for you and have been through training to assist you. They are marked with badges and light-up wristbands.


Violations of these policies may result in you being removed from the event & being barred from future GLITTER and EDN events and platforms. 


Hell yeah! We'd love to hear what you do! We're interested in working with performers, DJS, and Vendors. Fill out the forms linked below to enter our Performer & Vendor database!

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